What is website republishing?

Website republishing refers to the act of copying and republishing content onto your website. This could be posting an article or a review that has been previously published, either by scanning or creating a digital copy. This might be to promote your company or service, support a new product launch, or simply share positive media coverage.

Rules to follow

There are a few simple rules to follow when using your licence for website republishing:

  1. Any images that appear within the article must only be reproduced alongside the text and must not be used on their own
  2. There are some restrictions on the type of website on which you are permitted to republish content – see the definition of Restricted Website in your licence
  3. Your licence permits website republishing only when usage is reported via the Check Permissions tool on our website

Which licences cover website republishing?

Website Republishing permissions are built into most of our Business and Public Sector licences.

Business Licence

Including Multinational Business, Extended Multinational and Hotels and Conference Centres Licences.

Public Administration Licence

Discover more about our Public Sector Copyright Licences.

Check Permissions

Website Republishing FAQs

For every year that you hold a relevant licence, you are permitted to post five articles on your website at any one time, but you can remove an article and post another as often as you need as long as there are no more than five on your website at any one time. So for example, if you renew your licence for a second year you will then be able to post an additional five articles and have up to ten posted onto your website at one time. In your third year of the licence this would then total 15 articles. You may remove articles at any time without needing to inform us.
Please contact the publisher directly to request permission. We are adding publishers all the time, so do check back later.
If you find that you need to use more than five articles at any one time, please contact the publishers of those additional articles directly to clear permission. We would be grateful if you could also let us know, as we are always looking to ensure our licences meet our customers’ needs.
You can remove and replace articles as long as you do not post more than five articles in any one year. If you use your full allowance and renew your licence after a year, you may not remove and replace all ten articles that you are permitted to host, but may only remove and replace the f ive articles you have been allocated for that second year.
You can keep the article on your website for as long as you have a relevant licence. We will notify you in the unlikely circumstance that you are required to take down the article.