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Visual artists

We help make copyright simple for visual artists too!

We can help you to learn more about how and when your works are copied; and be eligible for royalty payments.

We represent visual artists (such as fine artists, photographers, illustrators and designers), who are members of ALCS, DACS or PICSEL. 

By joining a visual artist CMO the rights to copy images of your works will be included in our licences sold to businesses, education institutions and public sector organisations and licence holders will have the right to make copies where they are included in publications. Money from licence fees is paid to visual artist CMOs, who in turn distribute the money to visual artists.

To be eligible to receive royalties you will need to be a member of one of the visual artist CMO's listed below.

CMO Please contact
Authors Licensing and Collecting Society For more information visit
Design and Artists Copyright Society For more information visit

For more information visit



Map showing how CLA gathers data and uses this to calculate royalties

Certain works are excluded from CLA licences by authors or publishers and these are available  to view on our Excluded works page.

If you think you might want to opt your works out of the CLA licence please email us at 

If you have a question about our licensing scheme and how we license your work please contact us.

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