Information for artists and visual creators

CLA sells licences to businesses, government and educational institutions on behalf of the artists, writers and publishers who are the copyright owners.

We represent visual creators (such as fine artists, photographers, illustrators and designers), who are members of visual artist collective management organisations (CMOs).

Money that we collect in licence fees is paid to visual artist CMOs, who in turn distribute the money to visual creators whose work has been copied.

If any books, magazines or journals containing your work are available to be photocopied or scanned in schools, universities, businesses or libraries then you may be entitled to a share of the licence fees that CLA collect. 

To be eligible to receive money collected by CLA you will need to be a member of a visual artist CMO.


Visual Artists Collective Management Organisations:

Artists Collecting Society

Authors Licensing and Collecting Society

Design and Artists Copyright Society


Automated Content Access Protocol Alliance for IP