International licensing

CLA represents international rights-holders through its bilateral agreements with overseas Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs). These agreements also ensure that UK rights-holders are rewarded for copying of their published works, overseas.

To date, CLA has over 30 reciprocal agreements. All agreements include the right to photocopy and since 2008, several have been updated to include digital uses. The full list of CLA’s international agreements can be found here.

Because no one RRO is the same - and to reflect the different needs of territories CLA has 3 different types of agreement:

Repertoire Exchange Agreement (REA)

This agreement is includes photocopying, scanning and copying of born digital works.

CLA has REA’s with Access (Canada), CADRA (Argentina), Copibec (Quebec), CAL (Australia), CCC (USA), CEDRO (Spain), CFC (France), CLASS (Singapore), CLNZ (New Zealand), Copydan (Denmark), DALRO (South Africa), HKRRLS (Hong Kong), ICLA (Ireland), Kopinor (Norway), Kopiosto (Finland), Pro Litteris (Switzerland)

Type A Bilateral

This agreement is generally for photocopying only, although in certain cases, scanning rights are also included. CLA has Type A bilaterals with Aidro and SIAE (Italy), B-Copy (Barbados), Bonus Presskopia (Sweden), CADRA (Argentina), CEMPRO (Mexico), IRRO (India), JAACC (Japan), Luxorr (Luxembourg), Literar Mechana (Austria), OSDEL (Greece), Reprobel (Belgium), Stichting Reprorecht (the Netherlands), TTRRO (Trinidad and Tobago).

Including scanning: Fjolis (Iceland), JAMCOPY (Jamaica)

Pilot Bilateral

The pilot bilateral may be for photocopying, or photocopying and scanning. The agreement runs for one year initially and is limited to named institutions. The pilot bilateral also requires an RRO to develop a policing and anti-piracy programme, and any revenue collected for UK rights-holders can be retained and used towards anti-piracy work.  CLA currently has pilot bilateral agreements with FILCOLS (the Philippines), YAYBIR (Turkey), SADEL (Chile), KORRA (Chile) and COSOMA (Malawi).

Further information on CLA’s International Development work can be found here. 


If you would like further information on CLA's International work, please contact:

Madeleine Pow

International Rights Manager

020 7400 3138 





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