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Copyright Licence for Public Sector

Here at CLA, we provide a range of services that help support our public sector employees. Our copyright licence for the public sector,  whether they are NHS staff, local government workers or information managers and decision-makers at the heart of our civil service in central government, is specifically for them.

CLA is recognised by the government as the collective licensing body for the reuse of text and images from books, journals and magazines.

Our copyright licence is required if any of your staff make copies from any of the print or online publications that CLA represents. Read information on complying with copyright.

We operate blanket copying licences that enable public sector employees to access, reuse and share content from more than 16 million publications, from professional and trade magazines, through scientific and medical journals to technical reports, consumer data and business books and websites - you name it, we can make it available to you.

We also operate a streamlined document delivery and article ordering service specially designed to serve information to NHS staff on-demand. This service is available to all NHS bodies. 

To find out how we support you, simply select your sector from the list below, our list of Copyright Licence for Public Sectors.

NHS in England

Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland 

Local Authorities

NHS in Scotland

NHS Isle of Man

Central Government

NHS in Wales

Public Libraries

Public Bodies


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