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NHS Licence Plus deal expands to include The Royal Society of Medicine Library

16th February 2017

The Licence Plus service combines all the benefits of CLA's blanket copying and reuse licences with supply of copyright-fee-paid (CFP) articles from the British Library On Demand service - and now includes RSM document delivery services too.

The expansion of the Licence Plus service for NHS England and NHS Scotland will further reduce the financial and administrative burden on NHS staff using published content. Articles from tens of thousands of books and scientific journals can now be ordered from the RSM library at no additional charge to NHS organisations, as they will now be included in Licence Plus allocations. 

Inclusion of the RSM library in the Licence Plus service will enable NHS staff in England and Scotland to improve delivery of patient care through greater access to specialist healthcare information and research.

James Bennett, Head of Rights and Licensing at CLA, commented,

"We are excited to work with The Royal Society of Medicine to expand the current Licence Plus service for the NHS in England and Scotland. By partnering with the RSM we are able to offer our customers in the NHS greater access to collections of relevant and valuable content that will best serve them in their daily roles."

CLA is committed to delivering the solutions that best meet our customers' needs. We continue to work in partnership with document supply organisations in order to simplify copyright and enable greater access to content for customers.