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Digital Content Store: What we achieved in 2016

16th February 2017

Last year, we launched an optional and innovative content platform for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) called the DCS. Since launch, we have seen widespread adoption of the service and the amount of content that is downloaded continues to grow rapidly.

Students downloading content from the DCS is dramatically increasing. In just over six months of live activity, there have already been over 750,000 student downloads of content. There are currently over 100,000 active links live in the DCS.

One of the more recent developments to the DCS system, the integration of the Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service (EHESS) has also been quickly picked up by users. Since EHESS’s availability within the system, almost 1,000 documents have been ordered and successfully delivered through the DCS.

After such a fantastic 2016, we look forward to another exciting year of development that will see upgrades to the user interface, further improvements to the EHESS service, the introduction of additional authentication options, such as EZProxy as well as the streamlining of existing authentication using WAYFless. We continue to develop the DCS to make copyright simple for HE librarians with easier access to content for HE academics and students.