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CLA and the Scottish Government agree new 3-year deal to support Scottish teachers

25th February 2019

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the Scottish Government, and Scottish Local Authorities have agreed to continue the central licensing arrangement that saves Scottish schools time and money. The new licence agreement will cover schools to March 2022.

Under copyright law, permission normally needs to be sought to copy from books and other published content.  This could be costly and certainly time consuming on a day to day basis for Scottish teachers who want to resource their lessons with high quality materials.  Since 2014 Scottish state-funded schools have benefitted from central licensing and the new agreement means that teachers in schools can continue to copy extracts from publications the school owns, without seeking further permissions. 

Scottish teachers will continue to have the peace of mind that they are covered by two licences: 

  • The CLA Education Licence.  This covers teachers to photocopy, scan, print out and e-copy extracts from print and digital books, magazines, journals and certain websites that their school subscribes to, or owns.
  • The Schools Printed Music Licence.  This covers the photocopying, scanning and arrangement of printed music publications the school, teacher or Instrumental Service own. 

CLA’s Director of Education Phil Hearne said:

“CLA is once again delighted to work with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and Schools to support teachers across the country in delivering excellent resources for their students.”

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“This collaboration is highly beneficial to Local Authorities and schools as it simplifies and streamlines the licensing process, guaranteeing that schools achieve the best value for money. It also ensures that teachers and pupils have access not only to the most up-to-date print media, but also that this access will be the same for every pupil in Scotland.

Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence seeks to develop successful learners who are enthusiastic, ambitious and resilient – ensuring that all pupils have access to resources is vital to achieving this aim.”

To support the new licence, CLA has partnered with leading educational publishers to launch its ‘Licence to Copy’ campaign, so that teachers are better aware of the licence and how it helps empower them in their teaching by providing a healthy diet of resources for students. 

CLA is also giving teachers digital access to books their schools own with the introduction of a new online Education Platform later this year. The Platform will be available for use by all licensed schools to make it easier for them to create, share and store copies they use under the licence. Scottish state-funded schools that want to use this service are being invited to register now to be among the first to use it.

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