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NHS in Scotland renews CLA Licence

20th April 2018

NHS in Scotland and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) have reached an agreement to renew their CLA Licence Plus for another year. This decision will see all NHS staff across Scotland benefit from greater access to essential healthcare research information, assisting day-to-day decisions on prevention, treatment and care.

The CLA Licence Plus gives blanket coverage for copying from the UK and 38 international territories, letting staff access critical information easily, without needing to ask copyright owners for permission each and every time. Licence Plus additionally includes a supply of copyright-fee-paid Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free articles which can be ordered and delivered from the British Library (BL) or the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). This will provide NHS Scotland staff access to a greater wealth of valuable material covering every aspect of scientific, technical, and healthcare knowledge. You can learn more about the permissions granted by the licence here

The Licence Plus service offers many benefits including:

  • Seamless sharing of content between colleagues within the NHS in Scotland, allowing for greater and more efficient collaboration
  • Significantly saving time and effort in administration for NHS in Scotland librarians, as the Licence Plus service reduces the burden of CLA data collection exercises
  • NHS in Scotland staff are now able to access copyright-paid, DRM-free journal articles, book chapters, reports and more from the BL and RSM collections

Having a CLA Licence ensures that information is available to all NHS staff in Scotland at the right place and the right time to support best health and social care practices. Permission to legally copy content is critical during meetings or briefings, providing essential healthcare information to patients, for training purposes, research and development, PR or Media relations, and Health & Safety or Environmental Awareness. The licence is centrally negotiated with NHS in Scotland, so different organisations and staff can focus on accessing and sharing information knowing they are covered by the CLA blanket licence, rather than spending time arranging permission from rightsholders, a potentially time-consuming and expensive process. 

We are delighted to continue our partnership with NHS in Scotland. Our mission is to give customers a simple solution to copyright compliancy, allowing them to easily access and share the vital information to deliver high quality healthcare, while also ensuring rightsholders receive fair payment for their work. Find out more about who we are and what we do here.