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New Five-Year Deal Agreed Between CLA and HSC NI

6th April 2020

Copyright Licensing Agency and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSC NI) are happy to announce the signing of a new five-year agreement. This agreement covers all health staff in Northern Ireland and provides blanket coverage, so staff don’t have to ask permission from copyright owners each time they copy published content in the course of their day-to-day work. The new five-year deal will cover HSC NI to March 2025.

Under this agreement, HSC NI staff can continue to reproduce and share content from digital and print versions of books, journals and magazines to support research and delivery of patient care.

In addition to the standard blanket cover, HSC NI staff will also benefit from the newly launched Licence Plus Document Delivery tool. This new tool offers staff a quick and easy way to order journal articles, giving them seamless access to a huge amount of content covering all aspects of scientific, technical, and healthcare knowledge.

James Bennett, Head of Rights and Licensing at CLA, said:

‘We’re delighted to reach agreement on a new deal with Heath and Social Care in Northern Ireland to provide a licence that continues to support the needs of HSCNI staff for the next five years. Under the blanket licence, staff can access and share essential content across the entire organisation, while ensuring copyright compliance. On top of this, the new Licence Plus Document Delivery tool will also provide wider access to research literature in digital formats.’


Jane O’Neill, Medical and Healthcare Librarian at Queens University Belfast, said:

‘The Healthcare Library of Northern Ireland is delighted with the announcement of the new five-year agreement between the Copyright Licensing Agency and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland. The new copyright licence means the Library can continue to provide healthcare professionals across Northern Ireland with access to the knowledge, information and evidence they need to support decision-making and have a positive impact on patient outcomes.’


The new agreement supports CLA’s mission is to give customers a simple solution to copyright compliance, allowing them to easily access and share the vital information in digital or print, that supports high quality healthcare, while also ensuring rightsholders receive fair payment for their work.