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Global Accessibility Awareness Day sees new print disability rights for Education Licence

17th May 2018

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day we are delighted to announce that our Education Licence for Schools and Further Education has now been updated to allow for the provision of more accessible copies for the print-disabled.

Clause 8 of the Education Licence has always made provision for the making of copies for visually impaired students. This means that an accessible copy of a whole work can be made without having to seek additional permissions. 

Now, this clause has been updated to align with both The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations of 2014, as well as the recent international Marrakesh Treaty, to include new provisions for the pan-disabled. This will allow schools and further education institutions to make content more accessible to students than ever before.

James Bennett, Head of Rights and Licensing, said 'At CLA we are committed to simplifying copyright and to making valuable content accessible to those that need it. There are arguably none more so in need than our young people receiving an education. Updating this clause means that every child has the equal opportunity of access to content, and that disability no longer has to be a barrier.'

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