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A CITE to Behold

3rd June 2019

Summer 2019 CITE Forum

Last week’s Summer CITE Forum took place in the Diamond Building at the University of Sheffield on Thursday 30 May with over 50 delegates from UK universities in attendance. The forum had a range of speakers from different higher education institutions and partner organisations, covering different topics relating to the Higher Education and Information Technologies sector.

The day began with a presentation from James Bennett around the new CLA Higher Education Licence which starts on 1 August 2019 running for three years, giving an overview of the new terms and pricing agreed with the UUK and Guild HE Copyright Negotiation and Advisory Committee (CNAC). An accompanying article about the new licence can be found in the Summer 2019 CITE Magazine. This was followed by Janet Smith and Hazel Barham from Newman University Birmingham, who gave an insightful presentation (with excellent illustrations) on their journey with the Digital Content Store and how the system has helped to expand their scanning service and improve their relationship with academic staff. Lee Jones from Birmingham City University was next up, with a presentation on how using the DCS and KeyLinks has streamlined library workflows, freeing up staff time.

CLA’s David Duffield gave an update on DCS integrations with reading list systems overallfollowed by an interactive session where attendees got into groups to discuss their ‘one big problem’ in the library to do with content, acquisitions or copyright. There were common themes that arose from the group discussions, that included effectively engaging with academics and problems with academic copyright compliance. The morning sessions were rounded off with a talk about the challenges around licensing content for transnational education and the benefits of the CLA OCBS Licence add-on from the University of Birmingham’s Alex Fenlon.

Helena Djurkovic from ERA kicked off the afternoon with presentation about the ERA licences and future plans and developments. She also discusses how Higher Education Institutions can make the most of audio-visual resources in her accompanying article in the CITE magazine.

Attendees were then asked to discuss tips, tricks and strategies in their groups for engaging academics with reading lists. A lot of ideas were raised, including receiving support from senior management to embed reading lists throughout the whole institution, and making sure that training was provided for academics to familiarise them with reading lists systems and the benefits they bring.

The Summer 2019 CITE Forum ended with talks from Jane Stokes, Policy Advisor for TEF, who gave an overview of the current TEF framework and what the ongoing view will be looking at, and from Laura Williams who spoke about the University of Huddersfield’s ‘Broaden My Bookshelf’ programme aimed at diversifying the collection of the university’s library. Decolonising and diversifying the curriculum and libraries is a hot topic in Higher Education at the moment and you can find out more about the ‘Broaden My Bookshelf’ scheme, as well as Goldsmiths’ ‘Liberate My Degree’ in the CITE Magazine.

The second CITE Magazine was produced for the event and includes a collection of material from CLA, CITE speakers and other HE contributors. We’ll be publishing some of the articles on our Higher Education Blog, but you can also view a digital version of the magazine here. If you’d like a hard copy of the magazine (we have a limited number available), or would like to contribute an article to the next edition or the CLA Higher Education Blog, then please get in touch:

We would like to thank all our guest speakers for their insightful presentations and all the attendees for participating in the sessions and sharing ideas. We’re already looking forward to the next forum, so keep an eye out for information on Winter CITE 2019!