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CLA agrees three-year licence with Central Government

25th May 2018

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the Cabinet Office, acting on behalf of government organisations, have reached a new three-year licence agreement that will provide continuing coverage for staff of over 100 departments, agencies, and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs). 

In addition to the standard blanket coverage to reproduce and share content from digital and print versions of books, journals and magazines, the new Central Government Licence now includes a wider digital repertoire than before. This includes web-only content, bringing the Central Government Licence in line with other CLA public sector licences. These additions to the licence will allow for greater exchange of information and improved collaboration to take place across government. 

Another major benefit of the Central Government Licence is that departments will be permitted to receive unencrypted (DRM-free) content from document supply providers including the British Library. This will provide government departments with more streamlined access to content than ever before. 

Mat Pfleger, CEO of CLA said:

'This agreement will streamline and modernise the CLA Central Government Licence for our customers. With greater access to digital content and permission to receive unencrypted content from documents supply providers, we have co-designed a bespoke Central Government Licence that is better-adapted to the needs of all of its users across the government'

A Cabinet Office spokesman, said:

'The government is committed to making sure that copyright is respected in every part of the economy, including the public sector. With the active involvement of the Committee for Departmental Librarians and the Intellectual Property Office, it has negotiated a new licence for central government bodies with the Copyright Licensing Agency.

This has expanded coverage and introduced new streamlined administration arrangements, making it as easy as possible to share and reuse published content. This will ensure that rights holders receive the remuneration to which they are entitled over the coming years.'

This agreement highlights CLA's commitment to providing a simple, effective means of copyright compliance and allowing our customers easier access to the content they need, whether digital or in print.