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The Digital Content Store has reached 100 users

23rd July 2018

Just over two years after the innovative web-based platform was made live, the Digital Content Store (DCS) celebrates its 100th user.

The DCS has celebrated its second birthday in style by hitting the milestone of 100 UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) using the platform. Since the platform’s launch, it has become one of the widest-used technology tools in the Higher Education Sector.

The DCS began with just five development partners, who proved absolutely critical in steering its direction during its pilot year. Their testing and feedback was crucial to the development of the platform we know and love today.

From those five partners, the DCS now has 100 HEIs using it to administer the making of Digital Copies under their CLA Licences, and reporting and rechecking all these titles each year.

Over 200,000 live items are stored in the DCS for students to access via secure links. The DCS has also exceeded 3.5 million student downloads of content.

We are delighted that the DCS has received such a positive response from our HE Licence holders and that it continues to make digital content and copyright simple for its users.

About the DCS

The DCS is an optional innovative rights, technology and content platform for Higher Education developed by CLA together with HEIs, publishers and technology partners. The platform is part of the CLA Higher Education Licence.

The DCS is, at its core, a searchable repository of PDF extracts created by HEIs and a workflow management tool. When extracts are digitised by HEIs under the CLA Licence, they are uploaded directly to the DCS. Once an extract is uploaded and assigned to a course, students can access the extract via a secure link to the content held in the DCS. 

You can find out more about the DCS and how your institution can start using it here.