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Health and Social Care Northern Ireland Sign 3 year Licence Plus agreement with CLA

4th May 2017

Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI) and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) have reached a new three year Licence Plus agreement that will see all staff across Northern Ireland benefit from greater access to essential healthcare research information, assisting day-to-day decisions on prevention, treatment and care. 

In addition to the standard blanket coverage to reproduce and share content, the Licence Plus agreement grants HSCNI enhanced benefits that include the ability to share published material reciprocally with partners in Local Authorities, Higher Education Institutions, and the Third Sector.

The capacity to share valuable content with collaboration partners allows staff to fulfil their roles effectively and with great efficiency, aiding HSCNI in ensuring that information is available to all staff at the right place and the right time to support best health and social care practices.

Licence Plus also includes a supply of copyright-fee-paid Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free articles that can be ordered and delivered from the British Library's On Demand service or from the Royal Society of Medicine. With greater access to valuable scientific, technical and healthcare research and information, professionals across HSCNI will be able to improve the speed and quality of care decisions and outcomes for individuals. 

Jo DeVito, Director of Education and Public Sector, said:
"This three-year agreement with Health and Social Care Northern Ireland exemplifies the benefits and efficiencies that are possible when we work together to understand the challenges faced by the public sector, demonstrating how CLA has been able to support HSCNI's long-term vision for improving the flow of information across the Northern Ireland health and social care system, while acknowledging the importance of copyright compliancy."

Northern Ireland's Business Services Organisation, on behalf of HSCNI, said:
"The new agreement further supports the efforts of HSCNI clinical and professional staff to make best use of research to further improve the delivery of services to patients and clients." 

This agreement highlights CLA's continued commitment to making copyright simple and enabling greater everyday access of healthcare information and content for HSCNI and all of our healthcare service customers. 


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