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Digital Content Store completes third phase of development

31st May 2017

The Digital Content Store (DCS) has completed its third phase of development with new features including improved reports and data available to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), better integration with the Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service (EHESS) and British Library, as well as smoother student access using WAYFless links.

The third phase of development began in November 2016 and included seven sprints of development, coming to an end on the 11th May this year. The key focus of this phase of development was to improve user experience, develop easier methods of access for students, and to increase the efficiency of requesting document delivery items. This sprint also addressed key  feedback that users provided during the initial launch of the DCS.

The DCS has also been rebranded to match with our new corporate brand, changing from the former red to a fresh lime and teal theme.

Improvements made during this most recent development phase will bring significant benefits to HEIs including:

  • Further streamlining workflows in HE libraries
  • Cutting administrative time and cost
  • Enabling greater student access to essential learning content
  • Granting HEIs superior data on student interaction with content to better shape content provision and learning initiatives

The DCS has been embraced by the sector, with 73 HEIs now benefitting from the system. To date, there are 125,011 content items uploaded to the system and student downloads total 1,383,572.

We’re continuing to develop the DCS as part of our ongoing mission to make copyright simple for HE librarians and to enable students easier access to the valuable content they need, from any device at any time. As part of this ongoing improvement work, we’re now busy planning our next phase of development which is due to start in the summer.  



About the Digital Content Store

The DCS is our innovative rights, technology and content platform for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) developed by CLA together with HEIs, publishers and technology partners. The platform is included in the CLA annual licence fee and is an optional tool for licensees.

The DCS has at its core, a searchable repository of digital copies created under the licence by HEIs, and a workflow management tool.  When extracts are digitised by HEIs under the CLA Licence, they are uploaded directly to the DCS. Once an extract is uploaded and assigned to a course, students are able to access the extract via a secure link to the content held in the DCS. The system removes the need for annual census reporting, reducing the data reporting burden on the HE sector and creating time and administrative efficiencies through streamlining the digital course pack creation process.

Find out more about the DCS.