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Digital Content Store now integrates with Sierra Integrated Library System

7th March 2018

The Digital Content Store (DCS), our revolutionary tool for Higher Education (HE) now offers integration with Innovative's Sierra Integrated Library System (ILS), making an integrated ownership check accessible for more institutions than ever before. 

Sierra customers can now integrate their library catalogue with the DCS to automatically check ownership of material under the Licence. This will significantly cut the duplication of workloads by eliminating the need to manually check ownership against the catalogue.

"Sierra's integration with the Digital Content Store is a great example of Innovative's commitment to providing Academic libraries new ways to engage with students and researchers while reducing management tasks for staff," said Kathryn Harnish, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Innovative. 

"Our portfolio of Sierra APIs makes it possible for Innovative and our library partners to collaborate with any vendor or partner in the industry. We are excited about this collaboration with CLA and the new opportunities for our users in the UK."

Currently over 80 HEIs are using the DCS, with over 170,000 requests added to the system.

David Duffield, Product Manager, said "We're very pleased to be working with Innovative to make the DCS more accessible for Sierra customers. We aim to continue connecting the DCS with as many other third party systems as possible, ensuring that our customers have the best experience using our system."

We continue to develop the DCS to make copyright simple for librarians and improve all student's access to the valuable content they need. 

About the DCS 
The DCS is an optional innovative rights, technology and content platform for Higher Education developed by CLA together with HEIs, publishers and technology partners and is part of the Higher Education Licence. The DCS is, at its core, a searchable repository of PDF extracts created by HEIs and a workflow management tool. When extracts are digitised by HEIs under the CLA Licence, they are uploaded directly to the DCS. Once an extract is uploaded and assigned to a course, students can access the extract via a secure link to the content held in the DCS. Find out more

About Innovative
Innovative ( provides leading technology solutions and services that empower libraries and enrich their users worldwide. Innovative offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of library automation products on the market today, serving academic, public, national, corporate, and special libraries, and consortia. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Innovative has a global presence - serving thousands of libraries in 66 countries and offices worldwide.