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CLA’s Digital Content Store Completes Licence Rechecks for 2016/17

16th August 2017

The Digital Content Store (DCS) has finished its first academic year in style by completing licence rechecks on 135,000 pieces of content for 77 Higher Education (HE) users.

Licence rechecking is a time-consuming but important part of managing content used under the CLA Licence. Every year, each extract that has been made available needs to be checked to ensure it’s still included in the CLA repertoire and —­ until now —­ this has been a manual process. The average manual recheck of a title takes approximately 30 seconds, so it would take one person an estimated 1,125 hours to recheck all the content currently in the DCS! This equates to 141 working days or 28 working weeks. For Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with a lot of extracts, manual licence rechecking takes time away from other tasks.

However, now the DCS automatically completes Licence rechecks for content stored on it, dramatically reducing the need for manual rechecking. This fits into HEIs’ digitisation workflows and automatically ensures that content is compliant with the Licence. For the platform’s first year, over 135,000 items of content have been rechecked, and CLA have been working across the year to ensure that titles are continuously added to our database to avoid duplication of work, saving busy HE professionals time and making copyrighted content simpler to use. The largest scanning institution will have saved 12 working days and two working weeks due to the DCS performing licence rechecks instead of staff needing to do it manually.

Licence rechecking is only one of the many ways the DCS saves time for its HE users. The DCS replaces the need to fill out a Digital Copy Report Form (DCRF), reporting Digital Copies directly to CLA. It also dynamically creates a Copyright Notice for each item, and automatically clarifies whether the copying falls within extent limits. Additionally, it integrates with other systems to optimise workflow, including: Library Management Systems, Reading List systems, and CLA and the  British Library’s Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service (EHESS).  

The DCS has been designed with its users in mind. It is included in the CLA HE Licence as an optional rights, technology and content platform. With the platform recently celebrating its first birthday, we are pleased that HE professionals are benefiting from these features, improving their workflow and removing the need for certain time-consuming administrative tasks. We continue to work on enhancing the DCS to make copyright simple for HE librarians and to improve teaching and learning capabilities for HEIs.

About the DCS

The DCS is an optional innovative rights, technology and content platform for Higher Education developed by CLA together with HEIs, publishers and technology partners and is part of the Higher Education Licence. The DCS is, at its core, a searchable repository of PDF extracts created by HEIs and a workflow management tool. When extracts are digitised by HEIs under the CLA Licence, they are uploaded directly to the DCS. Once an extract is uploaded and assigned to a course, students are able to access the extract via a secure link to the content held in the DCS.