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CLA applies for Extended Collective Licensing

7th December 2017

On 6 October, the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) applied to the UK Government to operate an Extended Collective Licensing Scheme. 

In 2014, the Government introduced The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Extended Collective Licensing) Regulations, which enables collective management organisations, such as ourselves, to apply to operate an Extended Collective Licensing scheme (ECL). 

ECL enables licensing bodies that represent a significant number of rightsholders belonging to the same class, to extend their licences to cover unrepresented rightsholders in the same class.

We have applied for authorisation to operate an ECL scheme with the full support of our members, the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Scheme (ALCS), Publishers' Licensing Services (PLS), the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), and the Picture Industry Collecting Society for Effective Licensing (PICSEL). 

A successful ECL application will mean that our licences will cover a broader range of titles ( a greater number of titles and works than ever before). ECL will formalise CLA's rights position and enhance transparency for both rightsholders and users. 

Rightsholders still retain the right to opt out some or all of their works, and any previously excluded works will remain so. Any rightsholders who wish to opt out their work(s) should contact If you are a rightsholder wishing to know more about how you are likely to be affected by ECL then please contact either ALCS, PLS, DACS or PICSEL, whichever is appropriate.

The UK Government will run a public consultation in to our application via the Intellectual Property Office which will commence in December 2017. Further information will be available at

If you wish to find out more about ECL, please contact