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CLA introduces new rights to Higher Education Licence

19th January 2018

CLA has introduced new administration copying rights to the Higher Education Licence, as well as updating the Licence to reflect new UK legislation and the Marrakesh Treaty, helping make content more accessible for partially sighted students. 

From 1 January 2018 new administration copying rights included in the Licence allow Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to share press cuttings and other extracts from CLA repertoire for internal use. This amendment provides clarity to staff and academics, and ensures that a single licence provides the widest range of permissions to make copyright compliance simple for HEIs.

Significantly, Clause 9 of the Licence, pertaining to print disabled persons, has now been updated to reflect new UK legislation and the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty. The changes to the clause will provide increased flexibility for HEIs serving partially sighted and blind students, by enabling institutions to format publications in a way that makes them suitably accessible. 

Our mission is to make copyright simple and to improve access to content for our customers. We aim to continue growing and developing our licences and services, ensuring librarians have the most efficient copyright workflow and improving all students' access to the valuable content they need.

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