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First CITE Forum Approaches

18th May 2017

The first Copyright Information & Technologies in Education (CITE) Forum for Higher Education (HE), introduced and hosted by CLA, is to be held at the University of Nottingham on the 15th June.

We feel that it is of vital importance for HE information professionals to have an opportunity to get together to discuss the most important and relevant issues. The community was previously well served by the collaborative HERON User Group, known to most as HUG, but with the retirement of HERON and PackTracker this group disbanded. Not wanting the value of these meetings to be lost, we have established the new CITE Forum. 

The CITE Forum will provide an essential space for HE information professionals to discuss technological developments that have impacted the industry and the future of information provision, as well as sharing best practice of the CLA HE Licence. 

The first CITE Forum meeting will be held at the University of Nottingham on the 15th June. The agenda will cover topics including:

  • How institutions use data from the Digital Content Store (DCS) alongside data from other Library systems to derive insights
  • The most recent developments to the DCS
  • Copyright education best practice
  • Content provision to Overseas Campus Based Students
  • Using technology to help support accessibility of content for students

If you are interested in attending the CITE Forum, then please get in touch

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