Business licence

If you are a business, charity or trade association the CLA Business Licence provides your organisation with the comprehensive coverage and rights your employees need to use and share published information without the fear and cost of infringing copyright.

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The Business Licence has been developed to meet the broad needs of most information users in the business environment but if you have specific needs or concerns and would like to speak to one of our team please call 0800 0856644.

See the main features and benefits of the business licence here.

To apply for our Business Licence either download our Interactive Licence Pack or fill out our online form.

The CLA Business Licence is intended for organisations from right across the spectrum of industries and sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance and accounting
  • Building, engineering and manufacturing
  • Hospitality, retail and marketing
  • Membership and training 

The licence is applicable to all types of business organisation but Pharmaceutical companies and Law firms have sector specific licences tailored to their own particular needs.


Do you share information with colleagues overseas?

 Upgrade to CLA's new Business Multinational Licence to ensure the same rights to every colleague, in every country. Find out more.


Do you receive press cuttings from a press cuttings agency or media monitoring agency?

From 1st April 2009 all clients of PCAs or MMAs that receive multiple access to clippings from magazines, journals or books - either through a web-based portal or receipt by other methods of electronic delivery - must hold a valid licence from CLA or other appropriate authority to ensure legal copying - to read more click here.

Licence Restrictions 

Please note that there are some works that are excluded from all CLA licences and may not be copied in any form.

Please use our Check Permissions search tool to see what you can copy under this licence.

If you have any questions please email or call 0800 085 6644 and speak to a licensing advisor.


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