Licences available

We offer licensing solutions suitable for all types of organisation across the business, education and public sectors - often tailored to the specific needs of particular customers.

The easiest way to check what publications can be copied under your CLA licence is to use our Title Search function.

All our licences offer cover for photocopying and in most cases also offer the right to scan and copy from digital titles as well as print - so you can copy what you want, when you want.

Licences also include permission to copy extracts of international publications from most major countries in addition to millions of UK publications

To find out more, select the appropriate licence from the list below:


Licences for business

Business Licence - for large and small businesses including charities and trade bodies

Multinational Business Licence - for UK headquarters businesses with staff overseas 

Law Licence - for law firms and barristers chambers

Pharmaceutical Licence - for pharma, healthcare and biotech companies

Multinational Pharmaceutical Licence - for UK headquartered pharma co's with staff overseas

Document Delivery Licence - for organisations supplying documents to clients

Hotels Licence - for business centres in hotels & conf. centres making copies for clients

Trial Media Consultancy Licence - for PR firms, advertising and media agencies supplying clippings externally to clients.   

Media Monitoring Organisation Licence- for companies providing print or electronic clippings to clients 


Licences for the public sector

Public Administration Licence - for Local Government and public bodies (excludes Central Government and the NHS)

NHS Licences - for NHS trusts and health authorities across the UK & NI 

Central Government Licence - covering Government departments, agencies and crown bodies 

Library Sticker Scheme - for walk in users at public libraries


Licences for education

Schools Licence - for state and independent primary and secondary schools

Education Licence - for colleges of FE and sixth form centres

Higher Education Licence - for universities and other HE institutions

Adult Education Licence - for adult education centres

Language Schools Licence - for UK language shools


Other licences

Print Disability Licence - for persons with a disability that prevents access

Website Republishing Licence - for any organisation that wants to post published content on their website 


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