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Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies

We make using copyright content simple for the pharmaceutical sector. Look at the benefits of these licences - available exclusively to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

CLA Pharmaceutical Licence

Copying from digital e-books, journals and website plus print books, journals and magazines

CLA Pharmaceutical Licence provides an annual blanket copying cover so you don’t have to seek permissions from copyright owners each time you copy.

  • Make copies from publications from the UK and 38 international territories
  • Copy up to one article, chapter or 5% of the total - whichever is greater
  • Circulate press cuttings or fee-paid documents in digital or print form
  • External sharing of single licensed digital and print copies for medical information, legal proceedings, regulatory submissions and patent applications
  • Store digital copies in a local product or project-based database (including long term dim archives for regulatory purposes)
  • Outsource permissions to an onsite or offsite third-party contractor

Although the pharmaceutical licence will cover any employee, the fee that you pay is based on the number of your 'Professional Employees'* only.  

Rate Card
Rates effective April 2022

Professional Employee Rate Minimum fee
£61.76 + VAT £523.67 + VAT per licence

For example, if you have 100 total employees and 20 of those are identified as Professional Employees, the annual fee for the Pharmaceutical Licence would be 20 x £61.76 = £1,235.20 + VAT

*NB: For the purposes of the fee calculation 'Professional Employee' is defined as: ‘Directors, officers or employees (other than sales representatives) of the licensee who are graduates or who hold an equivalent qualification.’

For more information see our Application Form & Terms and Conditions

We also offer a Multinational Pharmaceutical Licence for companies headquartered outside of the UK. 

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CLA & CCC Joint Multinational Copyright Licence

Covers copying from digital and print books, magazines, journals and websites

This licence is offered in a collaboration with our US partners Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) and is designed to provide consistent annual copyright cover for medical companies' employees at locations around the world.

  • All the same benefits as the CLA Pharmaceutical Licence
  • Extends permissions to your overseas sites and employees so they can enjoy the same rights globally
  • Available to UK headquartered companies

For further information please email CCC directly at or call +31-20-312-0437 or contact us

Pharmaceutical Collaboration Licence

Covers copying from digital and print books, magazines, journals and websites

This licence is offered as an upgrade to either the Pharmaceutical Licence or the Multinational Pharmaceutical Licence and permits the sharing of licensed copies between organisations holding relevant CLA and Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Licences.

  • All the same benefits as the CLA Pharmaceutical Licence
  • Legally share copies with other licensed companies
  • No further fee to pay to upgrade

For more information see the Application Form & Terms and Conditions

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