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CLA UUK/GuildHE Higher Education Licence

Covers copying from books, magazines, journals and websites

We offer two versions of this licence, one for Independent institutions and one for State institutions. The following information applies for both licences. 

The licence provides annual blanket permissions to copy and reuse content from print and digital publications.

  • Make copies from digital and print books, magazines, journals and websites
  • Share copies with students and staff
  • Store copies on your intranet
  • Copy up to one article, chapter or 10% of the total, whichever is greater
  • Copy publications from the UK plus 38 international territories

With this licence you will have access to other services we have developed specially for higher education.

Additional services available

Second Extract Permissions Service

Our standard licence lets an institution copy a limited extract from a published work – e.g. a single chapter from a book or 10%. This service offers institutions the option to buy permissions on a pay as-you-go basis for an additional amount – a ‘second extract’ – e.g. another chapter from the book or another 10%. Find out more

Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service

Buy copyright fee-paid and high quality outsourced scans using this streamlined document supply service provided by the British Library and CLA. Find out more

Digital Content Store

An innovative web based platform that combines a searchable repository of book and journal extracts with an online workflow system. This service enables you to create course packs and automates workflows while eliminating the need for census reporting. Find out more

You can read more information in our:

Terms and Conditions for State institutions

Terms and Conditions for Independent institutions 

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NLA Education Establishment Licence

Covers copying from regional and national newspapers

CLA is the exclusive provider of UK education licences for NLA media access.

This licence provides annual permissions to copy and reuse print and digital news content.

  • Make copies from UK national newspapers plus 5 regional titles
  • Upload and store copies of news articles on an intranet
  • Email copies to students and staff

With this licence you will have access to optional add-on services and licence extensions that you can purchase at additional cost

Paper Additional Cover
Photocopy and share newspaper material in, for instance a weekly press pack

Digital Additional Cover
Share articles received from an external press cuttings supplier

Web Media Monitoring Licence
Receive and share alerts and links to content on publisher websites. Find out more about this Licence in the Terms and Conditions

Corporate Website Republishing Licence
Publish news articles, including headlines, text extracts and PDFs to your website and social media. Find out more about this Licence in the Terms and Conditions.

See a List of newspapers and specialist titles that are covered by NLA media access licences.

See Price List and Guidance 2016.

For more information, read the Terms and Conditions

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