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Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

Higher Education Copyright Clearance Service

We are now providing a manual copyright clearance service. This new service will give additional support for our Higher Education customers and can be used to request quotes and invoices for the following:

  • Copyright fees to purchase digitised extracts from books and journals sourced from the Digital Content Store or elsewhere 
  • Permission to make multiple copies of books and journals where not covered by the CLA HE Licence or the Second Extract Permissions Service (SEPS)

We have set up a dedicated online service through our website that connects you to our team which will be able to handle your HEIs requests by filling in a simple online form. We will not charge for providing this service, which will be in place until 1 January 2021.

To make a request, simply email or make a request via the link below.





I have submitted a request on your website. What happens next?

We will contact the publisher or a clearance service like PLSClear for you. Once we have an offer, we will send you a quotation to you so you can decide whether to go ahead.

When you say that I can source copies from the ‘Digital Content Store or elsewhere’ does that mean I can request content from the service?

‘Elsewhere’ could mean a copy scanned from another institution’s holdings by direct arrangement, or from an academic’s personal copy. This service is to provide a means to pay a copyright fee where you already have the content, we cannot usually provide the content itself. If you need to purchase copyright-fee-paid content, please use the EHESS service.

What is meant by 'multiple copies of books and journals', does this specifically refer to content that is over the standard licence or SEPS extent limits?

Yes, this specifically refers to permission for copying for students that exceeds the standard licence or SEPS limits. It might also refer to titles that are not currently covered by the CLA licence repertoire.  

Is there a registration fee for SEPS and the Copyright Clearance Service, or is the only cost the per transaction fees?

There is no registration fee for SEPS, only the permission fee, which is calculated from the number of students and the number of pages, plus a set transaction fee. There is no registration fee for the new Copyright Clearance Service and unlike SEPS, this service has no transaction fees.

What is the difference between ordering a CFP copy via EHESS from the British Library and the Copyright Clearance Service?

When you order a copyright fee-paid copy through EHESS from the British Library, you will receive a scan or digital copy of the chapter or article and pay the copyright-fee for this content if you don’t own the source copy. Through EHESS you will receive high quality scans using preservation-standard workflow that are DRM-free with full metadata and OCR as standard.

The new Copyright Clearance service is suitable if you already have access to a copy of the extract, but don’t own the original. Paying the copyright fee will allow you make copies under the CLA Licence, provided the publication is covered for copying under the CLA Licence. This works in the same way as if you had purchased the whole book or a journal subscription.

Will you check if the material is covered for copying under the CLA Higher Education Licence?

If you are planning to make copies under the CLA Higher Education Licence, we recommend that you check this is permitted first by using the Check Permissions tool on our website before making a request.

I’m not familiar with SEPS. How is this different from the new service?

The Second Extract Permissions Service allows you a quick and easy solution when you need to copy more than the usual extent limits allow. Currently, the CLA Higher Education Licence allows you to copy up to 10% or one chapter or article, whichever is the greater. SEPS allows you to purchase permission to copy up to another 10% or chapter/article and share this for the duration of the academic year. Once set up you can purchase SEPS via the Check Permissions tool and get an instant quote and/or confirm the purchase and use the purchase straight away. But SEPS is only available for publications from participating publishers, so the new service fills the gap where publications are not available through SEPS but you need to copy more than is permitted under the extent limits.

Why do I need to pay the copyright fee? Can’t I use the inter-library loan service?

Of course you can use the inter-library loan service to fulfil individual requests, but if you need to make copies for course content under the terms of CLA Higher Education Licence then you will need to own or subscribe to the publication. Paying the copyright fee means that you can treat this copy in the same way as if you had purchased the publication.

When I fill in the request form am I under any obligation to pay or will I receive a quotation first?

You will receive a quotation first. We will only invoice you once we have your confirmation.

If we purchase a second extract using SEPS, would there be an expiry date after which the scan would need to be renewed (and paid for again) to retain access in the next academic year? Would an expiry date also apply to any permissions fees paid using the Copyright Clearance Service?

The permission granted by SEPS applies until the end of the academic year, including resits. The duration of any permission granted through the Copyright Clearance Service may differ and will be communicated to you during the process.

Does the same apply to copyright fees paid using the Copyright Clearance Service, or is it the same as with British Library scans supplied via EHESS (i.e. no expiry date, and we 'own' the CFP scan)?

When you pay a copyright fee through the Copyright Clearance Service it is be the same as paying the copyright fee when purchasing a copy through EHESS, only unlike with EHESS the Copyright Clearance Service doesn't provide you with the actual scan. Paying a copyright fee means you own the extract in perpetuity and can treat like other CFP copies as library stock..

Can the Copyright Clearance service be used in situations where there is a commercially available digital version of a US publication (a CCC Electronic Rights Work), but we have decided not to purchase the e-book due to cost, or because it is in an unsuitable format?

Yes, you can use the Copyright Clearance service in this case, and we will usually try to request direct permission from the publisher on your behalf.

We don’t use SEPS or EHESS. Can I still use this service and get invoiced for it?

Yes, as a CLA licensee we can invoice you for any transaction agreed through the Copyright Clearance service

Can I use the Copyright Clearance service instead of SEPS?

No, this service is only for permissions that are unavailable in SEPS.

Can I pay a copyright fee for, or get permission to copy from any title?

No, while we will make every effort to help, in some cases we will be unable to provide a quote or get permission on your behalf, or it may be more effective and reliable for you to seek permission directly from the rightsholder.

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