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Our Education Solutions

Here at CLA, we provide a range of services that help support teaching and learning right across the broad UK education sector; from state-funded and independent schools, sixth-form and further education colleges, to universities and commercial language schools.

CLA is recognised by the government ( as the collective licensing body for the reuse of text and images from books, journals and magazines.

Our copyright licence is required if any of your staff make copies from any of the 16 million-plus print or online publications that CLA represents. 

We operate blanket copying licences that enable institutions to access, reuse and share content from textbooks, fiction titles, consumer and educational magazines and academic and scientific journals.

We also offer some core digital workflow products that are offered as optional free-to-use services for educators working at licensed institutions.

Key products include:

  • Education Platform - schools covered by the Education Licence have access to digital textbooks so they can make copies to share with students. Find out more
  • Digital Content Store - institutions covered by our Higher Education Licence can access a searchable repository of digitised book and journal extracts with an online workflow management tool. Find out more

To see lots more about our licences and services please select a link from the table below.

Schools (State & Indep)

Further Education colleges

Higher Education

Licence for schools

Licence for colleges

Licence for higher education

Education Platform for schools

Education Platform for FE

Digital Content Store

Language Schools Licence

Blog for further education

Blog for higher education

Blog for schools


Enhanced HE Supply Service


Education Knowledgebase

For FAQs and information about the CLA Education Licences please go to our Knowledge Base