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Do you need a CLA licence?

CLA are recognised by the government ( as the collective licensing body for the reuse of text and images from books, journals and magazines.

Our copyright licence is required if any of your staff make copies from any of the 16 million-plus print or online publications that CLA represents.   For example, if a staff member found an article they wanted to put into a presentation, share with a colleague or put on the company website then a copyright licence is required by law.

Read our business licence FAQs to find out more

Do your employees use or share work-related published content?

Virtually all published content from print or digital sources is protected by copyright. This means you must make sure you have permission to use it at work, or you could be infringing copyright law.

  • According to a recent survey of businesses around the world, the rate of work-related content sharing has tripled since 2016.
  • 49% of that content is being sourced externally and is most likely to be shared by executive-level staff compared to management.
  • Yet, 47% of professionals recently surveyed are unaware of their organisation's copyright policy, or unsure of its details.

Make sure you are protected against the risk of copyright infringement

We can help you manage the risk and will give you blanket permission to use content from millions of publications giving you peace of mind.

If any of your employees do any of the following you should find out more:

  • Do you receive, access (including online) or share press cuttings?
  • Do you copy or print articles from websites or other digital content?
  • Do you email copies of articles or extracts from publications?
  • Do you store copies of articles or reports on an intranet?
  • Do you photocopy or scan content from books, magazines or journals?

With the above in mind, you may wish to apply for a CLA Licence or you may want further information to establish if a licence is required, if this is the case, please use the button below to contact us or call us free on 0800 085 6644

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If you’re not sure if a magazine, website, journal or book is covered you can use CLA’s online Check Permissions tool to check - see the green bar across the top of this and all our web pages.

We offer a range of licences tailored for your all types and sizes of business as well as for public sector and educational organisations. 

Business Licence FAQs

Find out more about the business licence coverage and how it can protect your business

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