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This online form is for the use of customers who hold a CLA business or public administration licence and therefore applies to businesses, local authorities, government departments, police or other public bodies.

If you are such an organisation and hold a current licence we normally contact you shortly before we issue your next annual invoice to allow you to update your account details.

If we have sent you a request for this information, please use this form to submit your details to us electronically.

Please complete the fields with the current details for your organisation. In particular, please ensure that you enter the correct figure for the number of professional employees as this is used in calculating your annual licence fee.

When we receive your completed form we will issue your invoice and a Licence Certificate for the appropriate period.

Some fields are mandatory and these are marked with a red asterisk *.

If you require any assistance please call the Customer Service Centre on 020 7400 3171.


Details of licensed company
Select your sector
Enter CLA account code
(If known)
Full legal name of company *This is the name of the company or organisation that is covered by the licence and will appear on your CLA Licence documents and correspondence
Address *This is the address that will appear on your CLA Licence and the address to which we will direct correspondence. If you wish invoices to be sent to an alternative address, please contact Customer Services to notify them of a separate invoice contact
Postcode *
List any subsidiary companies to be covered by the licence
(separate multiple company names with a comma)
No. of professional employee(s) *Please refer to the relevant support material for a definition of Professional Employee
Main business activity *
No. of total employees *It is important to include your Total Employee figure as this is recorded on your account details for reference purposes
No. of clippings sent per year
(applicable to Trial Media Consultancy licensees)

Details of licensing coordinator (main contact)
Licensing coordinator name *Having a dedicated point of contact enables CLA to update you with important licence information. Please provide the details of the person best suited to act as main contact
Position (job title) *
Address (if different from company main address)
Telephone number *
Fax number
E-mail *

Details required for invoicing
Please provide your purchase order number if required

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Your details will be submitted by e-mail. 

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