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CLA Education Licence

Summary of licence cover

The licence provides annual blanket permissions to copy and reuse content from print and digital publications.

  • Make copies from digital and print books, magazines, journals and certain websites
  • Share copies with students and staff
  • Use copies with digital whiteboards, VLEs and presentation software programs
  • Copy up to one article, chapter, one short story or poem or 5% of the total, whichever is greater
  • Copy publications from the UK plus 38 international territories

How licensing is organised

We license schools throughout the UK. All state-funded schools and most independents are covered by the CLA Licence.

In most cases, licences are held or administered by representative bodies that act as agents between us and the schools. Details of these arrangements are shown below:

Type of School Agreement via  Contact
State maintained schools in England Department for Education The relevant local authority
State maintained schools in Wales Welsh Local Government Association The relevant local authority
State maintained schools in Scotland The Scottish Government The relevant council
State schools in Northern Ireland Education Authority
Independent schools in England and Wales Independent Association of Prep Schools
Independent schools in Scotland Scottish Council of Independent Schools

Go to our Licence to copy page to read more about the licence for schools including videos, FAQs, licence support materials and classroom resources.

visit licence to copy page

Pricing from April 2022:

CLA Banding Age group School equivalent Unit of measure Full price list 2021-22*
Band 1 Pupils 5 - 15 Includes Primary and Secondary equivalents and Special Pupils Per Student £2.14 + VAT
Band 2 Pupils 16 - 18 Includes Secondary equivalent pupils Per Student £5.19 + VAT
Minimum Fee all all Flat fee £50.00 + VAT

*Administrative discounts are possible under a Central Agreement

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Licence support documents

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Education Knowledgebase

For FAQs and information about the CLA Education Licences please go to our Knowledge Base

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