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Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

Do you need the Training Licence Extension?

If your organisation already holds a CLA Licence and occasionally delivers training, and you share or copy from digital and print books, magazines, journals or websites, the answer is yes.

Examples of when a business or charity might need the Training Licence Extension include:

  • Recruitment and new starter training i.e., unconscious bias, sales or GDPR training
  • Professional development and qualifications training

What are the benefits to your organisation?

The CLA Training Licence Extension enables your organisation to copy published works lawfully for use in training materials. 

  • Remove the risk of legal action when copying from most published content for training purposes
  • Save hours seeking permissions to share copyright content with delegates
  • Reward content creators fairly when their work is copied

What does the Training Licence cover?

The Training Licence Extension will give your organisation annual permissions to copy and reuse extracts from digital and print books, magazines, journals and websites in training.

  • Covers over 8 million print and online publications from the UK and 35+ international territories
  • Copy up to one article, one chapter or 5% of the total, whichever is greater
  • Share copies with delegates in print and digital format 

Please note that this is an extension to the CLA Business, Public Administration and Law Licences and cannot be sold separately.

How much does the Training Licence Extension cost?

Rates for all Businesses and Organisations effective from April 2022

The annual fee in respect of the Training Licence Extension is charged at 10% of the corresponding annual fee for the relevant Business, Law or Public Administration Licence.

For example, if you are a Programming and Broadcasting business (SIC 60) with 50 Professional Employees, your Business Licence fee is calculated as 50 x £30.13 (SIC 60 rate) = £1,506.50

Your Training Licence Extension fee would be calculated as £1,506.50 x 10% = £150.65 + VAT.

Indemnity for Past Copying

Fees for backdating your licence to cover previous copying will be calculated using the rate applicable in the current year and applied for each year that the licence is backdated. For more information about the indemnity, please see the full Terms and Conditions of the Licence.

For further guidance

If you are new to CLA contact us at or 0800 085 6644

Existing customers should contact us on 020 7400 3171 or email

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To apply for the Training Licence Extension please refer to the licence rate card and Application Form.

We are here to support you, if you have any questions, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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