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Copyright Licence for Media Agencies

We make using copyright content simple for media agencies. Look at the benefits offered by our copyright licences for media agencies, PR and marketing representatives.

CLA Media Consultancy Licence

Covers PR firms, marketing or advertising agencies, or similar, to provide copies of news and current affairs articles externally to clients

  • Supply copies of print articles as paper copies or scanned copies via email
  • Provide website links and article extracts
  • Forward cuttings and web links from Media Monitoring Organisations

Remember: Providing copies of photocopied news items, sending scanned extracts or forwarding articles or links by email is not permitted under a standard CLA Business Licence.

For advice as to what your clients can do with the press cuttings they receive, please read our guidance document.

The cost of the Media Consultancy Licence is based on the number of clippings you send as per below:

Cost of the Licence

Clips sent per year Annual licence fee
Up to 1,250 £155.70 + VAT
Up to 2,500 £311.40 + VAT
Up to 6,250 £768.12 + VAT
Up to 12,500 £1,536.24 + VAT
12,500 + Price on application 

For more information see our Application Form & Terms and Conditions and business copyright licence FAQs.

Download our Media Consultancy Licence Guidelines to see detailed information about the Licence, including guidelines for supplying content to your Clients. 

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