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Check Permissions

Find out what can be copied, shared or re-used under your licence.

Business Licence Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered the most common FAQs for Business Copyright Licence. Meanwhile, you always can contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist. Also, you can read our articles about what is copyright or get more information about Copyright Licence for businesses on our business page.

What does the CLA Business Licence let me do?

The licence gives organisations the right to re-use extracts from millions of published digital and print publications, including articles supplied by media monitoring agencies. It provides protection against the risk of copyright infringement and includes an indemnity against legal action and the associated costs.

The licence offers a simple solution to copyright compliance so you can research, innovate and create with peace of mind.

What publications/websites do you cover?

We cover more than 17 million publications including books, journals, trade magazines, periodicals, law reports, many digital publications and online content including free-to-view websites.

Because we cover so many titles, and because we update the list all the time, we are unable to provide a full list as it is cumbersome and impractical for customers to use. However, we do have an online check permissions search tool that you can use to check any specific title, and this can be found on any page of our website. It lets you search for a publication by title, author, publisher, ISBN, ISSN or URL and displays all the permissions associated with that publication.

I have an NLA licence, do I need a CLA licence as well?

CLA & NLA licences are complementary but represent separate publications and therefore organisations making ad-hoc copies from a variety of media will invariably find they will benefit from holding both licences.

NLA media access provide cover for newspapers and some magazines. The CLA licence covers millions of publications including books, journals, trade magazines, periodicals, law reports, and many digital publications and online content including ‘free-to-view’ websites. Here is the differences between CLA and NLA  licences coverage.

You can be reassured that there is no overlap between CLA and NLA magazine cover and in all cases a title is either represented by CLA or NLA. 

How do you calculate the licence fee?

The licence fee is generally calculated according to the size of a company measured by the number of employees and the type of company with reference to the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) as categorised by the government Office for National Statistics.

Businesses employing up to 50 employees are subject to a flat annual fee based on the total employees of the business.

The annual fee for businesses with 1-10 total employees is £148.43 + VAT

The annual fee for businesses with 11-50 total employees is £507.5 + VAT

Rates for Businesses with 51 or more total employees are charged per professional employee and the SIC code of the main business activity.

Your licence provides cover to all employees but your Professional Employee figure (see below) more fairly represents the number of employees most likely to copy and share licensed material.

See our main rate card to work out what you will pay.

What is a Professional Employee?

‘Professional Employees’ include employees at managerial level and above, together with any other staff who have a professional or technical qualification directly related to their role e.g. qualified accountant, lawyer, HR professional.

This should include employees, contracted workers and consultants in the following categories based on the Standard Occupational Classifications published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS):

Group 1 Managers and Senior Officials

Group 2 Professional Occupations

Group 3 Associate Professional and Technical Occupations

What if my company details have changed?

 From time to time you may make changes to your employee numbers, professional employee figures or your subsidiary companies. Our normal practice is to contact you 2 months before your renewal is due to ask you to review your account and tell us about any relevant changes.

However, if the person who normally deals with your licence changes, you should let us know as soon as possible by contacting us.

What is website republishing permissions?

Your licence comes with valuable website republishing rights so you can post published articles and reviews from publications on your own website and benefit from the publicity of positive press and reviews or support your new product launch to give your business a boost.

Your licence allows you to post up to five articles (at any one time) per year on your own website from participating print magazines and publisher websites. For more detail of the titles included please see our website republishing FAQs.

Does the licence cover social media?

No. We only license published content on behalf of our members who represent authors, visual artists and publishers and we do not represent the social media accounts of individuals, companies and other organisations.

We already pay a fee to our media monitoring agency; do we still need a CLA licence?

Your Media Monitoring Agency is covered under their CLA licence to send clippings to you, their clients. Under their licence, one person can receive a clipping, view it once, and print and retain a hard copy.

If you wish to have multiple user access or make multiple copies of media clippings this will require your business to hold your own CLA licence.

A licence is required if electronic/web clippings are accessed more than once, or by more than one employee, or if additional copies are made, forwarded, or digitally stored from clippings received electronically or in hard copy.

How do I login to my CLA customer account?

When you buy your licence, you will receive your username and password by email separately to your invoice. When you’re logged in, your dashboard is customised with information and news relevant to your licence type. Logging in to your account also means that Check Permissions also defaults to your licence type, rather than you needing to manually select it.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the ‘forgotten password’ functionality to request a new one. If you need any other assistance you should contact us.


To find a licence that is right for your business, please select the relevant sector below. If you don't fit neatly into one of the categories listed, please choose 'Other businesses and Charities'. 


Pharma & Medical

Document Delivery Suppliers

Hotels & Conference Centres

Media Agencies

Other Businesses and Charities

If you wish to apply for a CLA Licence, or would like further information to establish if a licence is required, please use the button below to contact us.