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Law application form.

To apply for your law licence either complete the simple online application below or alternatively download, print and complete a PDF application form from the left hand menu.

If you require any further information about the licence please contact our law specialist Andrew Greenan.

Direct line: 020 7400 3137


Or call our licence helpline: 0800 085 6644

Company Details
Company *
Full legal name of company
Address *
Postcode *
Associated Firms
(included in the Licence for all purposes)
Any UK subsidiary firm to be covered by the Licence
Associated Firms (included in the Licence for the purposes of clause 2.1.7)
please see clause 2.1.7 in the Terms and Conditions
Total Number of Employees *
This should be the company's total number of employees including any subsidiary companies to be covered by your Licence
Where did you hear about us? *
Licence Details
Licence to run from *
Indemnity for Past Copying *
If you have copied from books, journals or magazines and/or have copied or distributed press cuttings or documents supplied by a third party in the past you can backdate your licence for up to 6 years.

Each year of backdated indemnity will be charged an amount equal to your annual licence fee, as shown above.
Licensing Co-ordinator
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Position *
If the same as above, leave blank
Telephone *
Telephone Extention
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Please ensure you that the email address exists as a copy of your application form will be sent to it

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