Business licence application


Business application form.

To apply for your business licence either complete the simple online application below or alternatively download, print and complete a Business Licence application pack.  

If you require any further information about the licence please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 0800 0856644

Company Details
Company *
Full legal name of company
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Please list any subsidiary companies intended to be covered by the licence
Type of Business *
e.g. Accountant, Marketing, Media
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This should be the company's total number of employees including any subsidiary companies to be covered by your Licence
Where did you hear about us? *
Licence Details
Licence to run from *
Indemnity for Past Copying *
If you have copied from books, journals or magazines and/or have copied or distributed press cuttings or documents supplied by a third party in the past you can backdate your licence for up to 6 years.

Each year of backdated indemnity will be charged an amount equal to your annual licence fee, as shown above.
Licensing Co-ordinator
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Position *
If the same as above, leave blank
Telephone *
Telephone Extention
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Please ensure you that the email address exists as a copy of your application form will be sent to it

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