The work of CLA’s Field Officers is vital in enabling us to ensure that licence fees collected from our customers go to the correct rights holders. Our Field Officers meet thousands of licensees every year, making hundreds of site visits to gather the information that informs where we distribute the ... Read more »
Joel Midgley has been CLA’s Marketing Communications Executive since October 2013. He joined CLA after graduating from the University of Liverpool and subsequently working in marketing at the University of Bradford.The role of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the publishing industry was debated last night (19/01/15) at the monthly Byte the ... Read more »
CLA’s ‘What Can I Do With This Content?’ website icon makes it easy for publishers of online content to display their copyright terms of use.Read on to hear from PAUL ROLLINS, CLA’S MARKETING MANAGER in a Q&A on the new icon and its benefits. First of all tell us about the ... Read more »
Anisha Doshi joined CLA in June 2014 on a 3 month internship in the Product Development department. Anisha returns to the University of Exeter in September 2014 to embark on the final year of her English degree. She spent her third year studying abroad at the University of Ottawa and ... Read more »
“Authors are not wordy,” declared Joanne Harris MBE, author of Chocolat and one of the panellists at an insightful debate on the changing landscape for writers, hosted by ALCS at the House of Commons on 8 July 2014. Harris is referring to the difficulties faced by writers who, sometimes inexperienced ... Read more »
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