Our vision

“Our vision is for CLA to become the provider of choice for rights, content, and licensing. We are realising this vision by collaborating with customers, rightsholders, and technology partners to simplify copyright and make it easier to access and re-use content while respecting the rights of others.

We all have a part to play in achieving the vision. Our culture, and the way that we work and interact together, are critical to CLA achieving its strategic objectives. We have created and adopted these values to support our vision, shape our culture and express what we believe in. They were developed in 2021 through a working group of the board and employees, and with input and feedback from across the company.

We aim to embed our values right through our organisation – in our ways of working, from recruitment to performance and personal and career development so we build and sustain a unique and successful culture.” (Mat Pfleger – CEO)

We support creativity

Our licences champion authors, visual artists, and publishers, ensuring they’re rewarded fairly for their work. By supporting the creative economy, we help fund and secure the future of books, articles and visual arts that benefit society. We believe our work is an integral part of the creative ecosystem and a force for good.

Our knowledge is our strength

We’re proud of CLA’s mission to make copyright simple. The specialist knowledge in rights and collective licensing we’ve developed over the years across all sectors, gives us a unique understanding of our customers' needs. Our experience helps us educate and guide others through the complexities of copyright licensing and legal access to published media.

We connect creative communities

We are team players who thrive on the connection between creative communities and customers. Operating as part of a global network, we work with organisations around the UK and across the world, to enable legal access to the rights we represent. We have a strong sense of responsibility to each other, our Members, and all those we work with, doing our utmost to stay connected to our stakeholders and reach out to those who need us.
CLA Values
CLA Values

We find solutions

We partner with our customers to create new solutions to meet their needs, solve their problems and make it easy for them to get the most efficient legal access to published media. Led by our passion to support creativity, we’re committed to finding new and better ways of working with the latest technology, constantly innovating to bring fresh ideas to our products and services.

Our people make us what we are

We value the diversity of our workforce and celebrate its uniqueness. We support all our people to grow, succeed and enjoy their work so that everyone is empowered to give their best and achieve their potential. We believe that through collaboration and diversity, we can reach our goals.

We are ambitious

We believe in our products, and we strive continuously to improve them and the value they provide. We listen to our customers and stakeholders. Their feedback, and our data analysis and sector insights, inform every aspect of our decision-making and are key to driving our approaches to new products and services.

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