Print Disability Licence

This licence is for persons suffering from a print disability impeding or preventing access to Licensed Material 

CLA offers two types of permissions in its licences:

1. A licence for organisations representing people with print disabilities.

This is available to bodies that are either educational establishments or not for profit bodies, the CLA Print Disability Licence is designed specifically for those not for profit organisations who wish to make copies of copyright works in an accessible format and to circulate them to persons with print disabilities in the community. 

2. CLA's standard licences to education, government, public bodies and businesses.

These contain a clause which permits the licensee organisation to make, or have made, copies in a format accessible to those staff, students, pupils, employees or other members of their establishment where a print disability is preventing or restricting access to an original work within Licensed Material.

Licence support material

Print Disability Licence


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