NHS Scotland Licence

This centrally negotiated licence permits the photocopying and scanning of published material, and the re-use of permitted digital material by all NHS staff in Scotland.

The licence also covers the copying of photographs and illustrations.

The licence allows copying from magazines, books and journals as well as the copying and re-use of digital material

Specifically the licence permits:

  • Photocopying from titles published in the UK and most major overseas countries
  • Scanning from titles published in the UK and the US
  • Re-use and copying from electronic and online titles published in the UK and the US
  • Storage of articles on a secure intranet for up to 30 days



The licence also includes the copying of artistic works, such as photographs, illustrations, diagrams and graphics, where they are contained within the publication being copied.To see which countries' publications are covered, see the list of International Territories.



Licence restrictions

Please note that there are some works that are excluded from all CLA licences and may not be copied in any form.

These works are listed on the list of Excluded categories and works.

There are also some US publishers whose works are specifically excluded from all CLA licences.

See the list of Excluded US publishers. Under the terms of the licence, only certain UK and US digital material can be copied or re-used.

See list of Included digital material.


Customer Service Centre

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