Excluded categories and excluded works

Some categories of published works, as well as some specific works by individual authors, visual artists and publishers, are not covered by CLA's licences.

The easiest way to check what publications can be copied under your CLA licence is to use our Title Search function.

Below is a 'List of Excluded Categories' and 'Lists of Excluded Works' which cannot be copied under any CLA licence. If you wish to copy from any of the works listed here as excluded, you should contact the copyright owners directly for permission prior to copying. In the first instance this would usually be the publisher. 

List of excluded categories
  • printed music (including the words)
  • maps and charts
  • newspapers
  • any work on which the copyright owner has expressly and prominently stipulated that it may not be copied under a CLA licence
  • workbooks, workcards or assignment sheets


International territories
Current agreements permit CLA licensees to copy titles published in the certain countries outside the United Kingdom. Please see the list of ‘International Territories' for details.


Lists of Excluded Works

Any publications listed on the Excluded Works lists below cannot be copied under any CLA licence. Please note that for foreign publications you will need to check the list of 'International Territories' for details of coverage.

For the copying of digital original material, you will also need to refer to the relevant list of 'Participating Digital Material Publishers' to check whether a digital original publication is included under your licence.