What can be copied?


If you are visiting this page simply to check if you can copy from a particular publication under the terms of your CLA licence, the quickest and simplest way to get an answer is by using our new Check Permissions search tool. It searches our database and returns results in seconds! 

Whatever type of organisation you are, a CLA licence lets you copy and share information without the risk of infringing copyright.

The following is a summary of what can be copied under CLA licences:

All our licences permit the copying from books, trade and consumer magazines, journals and other periodicals plus cuttings and documents supplied by third parties

Many of our licences also allow the copying and re-use of content from digital publications

International agreements mean that licence holders can copy from books, journals and magazines published in the UK and over 30 other territories including the USA, Canada, Australia and all the major European countries  

As well as photocopying, scanning and digital re-use, our licences also allow internal emailing of copies and limited storage on a secure intranet

Copies can be made of up to a chapter, entire article or 5% of the publication, whichever is the greater

Photographs, illustrations, diagrams or charts may also be copied where they are included in the body of the extract or article



Although our licences permit copying from most UK titles, plus publications from 30 international territories, there are certain exceptions. If you would like to see details of specific inclusions and exclusions, please refer to the relevant lists published on the site.

If you want to check if you can copy a particular title under your CLA licence the easiest way is to use our Check Permission search tool.

UK publications

Excluded Categories and Works

Some categories of published works, as well as some specific works by individual authors, visual artists and publishers, are excluded from all CLA licences. Please refer to applicable list of exclusions for details. 

Included Digital Material Publishers

Certain CLA licences include the rights to re-use and copy digital original material in addition to photocopying and scanning. These rights are granted by publishers on an ‘opt-in' basis.

Please refer to the relevant list of
'Participating Digital Material Publishers' to check whether a digital original publication is included under your licence.

Magazines excluded from Business and Public Administration licences

CLA's Business and Public Administration licences include a number of business-to-business and consumer magazines but some titles are licensed by NLA media access and are therefore excluded from CLA's Business and Public Administration licences. To check whether a particular title is covered under your CLA licence please use our Check Permissions search tool. 


Foreign Publications

International Territories

Current agreements permit CLA licensees to copy titles published in certain countries outside the United Kingdom. Please see the list of ‘International Territories' for details.



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