The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has announced the addition of more than 4,000 blogs, news and media websites to its licences following an agreement with US based company Newstex. The agreement represents an increase in the repertoire licensed by CLA and will be particularly valuable to Media Monitoring Organisations (MMOs) and ... Read more »
CLA is pleased to announce its support of the Impress Scottish School Media Awards. The awards aim to encourage young people into careers in publishing and the creative industries. Pupils attending Scotland’s 422 secondary schools are encouraged to submit their print or online newspaper for the Awards, with the ... Read more »
The UK government yesterday announced the passing of the European Council’s Collective Rights Management (CRM) Directive.The Directive incorporates changes to increase transparency and efficiency among European collecting societies alongside introducing minimum standards of conduct for those organisations – a policy already in place in the UK.The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) ... Read more »
As part of celebrations of its first 30 years, CLA is delighted to announce its web-based Annual Review of 2013 is now live. The Review charts developments in 2013 alongside a look at highlights of the last thirty years. Entitled ‘Then & Now’, the publication makes clear that CLA’s historic commitment ... Read more »
The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has reached agreement with the Cabinet Office on a new licence for Central Government. After extensive consultation both parties have agreed that a licence will be in place until 2016. The licensing agreement achieves the dual aim of ensuring government employees enjoy continued access to the widest ... Read more »
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