An independent review of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Code of Conduct begins this month alongside those of other Collective Management Organisations (CMOs). The Code was written in alignment with the guidelines published by the British Copyright Council (BCC) in its document ‘Principles of Collective Management Organisations’ Codes of Conduct’ and ... Read more »
Dominic Young has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Copyright Hub by the Copyright Hub Launch Group and the Copyright Licensing Steering Group. Mr Young takes over from Dr Ros Lynch, who is returning to the civil service. The new CEO comes to the role after spending many ... Read more »
CLA have today made available a new licence for firms that provide media consultancy services.The CLA Trial Media Consultancy Licence (Trial MCL) is for public relations, marketing, advertising or media agencies that supply copies of articles, or links to articles, to their external clients. The new licence is offered as an upgrade to holders of the CLA Business Licence - where ... Read more »
NLA media access and the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) announce a partnership designed to streamline and simplify copyright licensing for UK schools and higher education.  NLA media access has appointed CLA as its exclusive agent for all UK education licensing. From 2014, schools, higher and further education establishments will be able ... Read more »
Twenty new councils have taken a copyright licence following legal action by CLA against one of Britain’s largest city councils.  Earlier this year (April 2013), Brighton & Hove City Council agreed to pay CLA an undisclosed sum to cover legal costs and retrospective licence fees as well as agreeing to take ... Read more »
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